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Why are the various status attributes of Configuration Items not updating?

There are two configurations to consider when opting to synchronize status values: Status fields must be configured to synchronize from Lansweeper to ServiceNow Appropriate mappings may need to be configured in ServiceNow using Field Normalization Services Synchronize Status Fields Setting On the Co...

I'm a System Admin. Why am I getting configuration errors?

ProblemI'm a System Admin and when I try to set some configuration settings and save, I get errors like the below.SolutionAs a System Admin, remember to set the Application Scope to CI Synchronizer (Lansweeper On-Prem Edition) before making configuration changes.

Why can't I update properties on the Configure page?

When setting the Connection Settings on the Configure page, the current user must contain the CI Synchronizer Admin role to make changes.To allow this, go to the User's Profile and assign them the CI Synchronizer Admin role.

RAM and Disk Space attributes on Servers and Personal Computers displaying as "1"

CI Synchronizer works alongside ServiceNow's Data Normalization Services and Field Normalization Services. If after synchronization of computer or server assets (for example, Windows Server, Personal Computers) you observe the RAM and Disk Space attributes to be "1" or some other unexpected values, ...

How do I switch between using IRE and Custom as Identification Methods on a CI Class?

CI Synchronizer offers two methods of correlating incoming data to possibly existing Configuration Items in the target instance. Identification Rules Engine (IRE) - ServiceNow's function to identify Configuration Items Custom - a Correlation ID is generated and passed to ServiceNow. To select a pa...

How do I exclude certain Configuration Item classes from synchronization?

On the Execute page, you will see a range of CI Classes that you can choose from to synchronize. It is from this page that you can configure which CI classes will be synchronized.The classes available for you to choose from will vary on the Edition of CI Synchronizer you have installed. The Full Edi...