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Why are related list items not populating when they are configured to synchronize?

When sychronizing the related list data, the related list item will only be imported if the Parent CI Class has been selected for synchronization.For example: If synchronizing Network Adapters for a PC Windows (cmdb_ci_pc_hardware), the PC Windows Class must be selected on the Execute page.

How do I delete the CIs following a test import into a pre-prod environment

Of course, you should evaluate and review the use of CI Synchronizer before deploying to a Production environment!A synchronization of your Lansweeper asset data may result in quite a large number of new Configuration Items being added to your instance - you may want to remove these Configuration It...

Why are duplicate CI records are being created when I synchronize?

There are two methods of Identification methods that Supported Classes in CI Synchronizer can use. Identification Rules Engine (IRE) Custom In most cases, the IRE will be superior in correlating your Lansweeper data into ServiceNow. This is because IRE's powerful rules and relationship-based engine ...